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a cool photo of Avikant I am Avikant, a software engineer with a strong focus on machine learning and backend development.

Currently working at HackerRank, I had the opportunity to work in the machine learning team, where I actively contributed to the development of industry’s formost AI Powered Plagiarism and ML Platform buildout.

I’m a huge technology fan and love staying updated on the latest developments in science and technology, I absolutely love chatting about space, science, math, computing, music, philosophy and more!


Most of my programming experience comes from machine learning, data and backend projects and naturally Python is my swiss army knife. I belive in the philosophy of polyglot developer and aiming to become one.

Currently I am learning about design patterns from these two resources refactoring guru, Christopher Okhravi’s youtube channel .

I enjoy reading about cutting-edge advancements in the world of Machine Learning / LLMs / and MLOps and enjoy working on ML problem statements. In general I am curious about “how things work”, and it drove me closer to the field of ML. I feel really lucky to observe the disruption caused by Transformers and LLMs right when I began my career as a programmer.

Here is a list of Tools and Frameworks that I have expertise in or hold a deep admiration for

Interests and Hobbies

Passionate about rock and metal music, I’ve begun my guitar journey, inspired by my favorite bands. Follow along as I share my progress and experiences here 👇